Taylor’s break is a gift for Mum

14 September 2017

Taylor with his salt dough decorations

Taylor, a regular guest at our Short Break Centre, doesn't enjoy joining in activities with a lot of other people, so staff are happy to bring the activities to him – even if they are a bit messy!

When Taylor gave carer, Kim Allen, a list of things he wanted to do during his latest visit, it included playing football in the garden, drawing (one of his favourite pastimes), watching a film and making decorations from salt dough.

“Taylor originally wanted to make the dough in the lounge” said Kim, “but then decided he didn't want to leave his room. So I brought him a bowl and all the ingredients, covered his bed with towels and we set to work there.”

“Instead of using cutters, Taylor and I made our own shapes. He made a T for Taylor and a heart as a present for his mum. We also made a star together, as I said he had been a star all day - trying new things and being so helpful.”

“After he had supervised me placing everything in the oven, he enjoyed telling other staff how long they had to be in and when they needed to check on them.”